Why Financing for Everyone?

Isn't it about time you stopped relying on public transportation or the generosity of friends and family willing to give you rides to get you where you need to go every day? In today's increasingly mobile society, it is becoming increasingly difficult to maneuver in today's world without owning your own transportation.

If you've been avoiding trying to get approved for financing for a car because of your bad credit, it is understandable that you may feel hesitant. It's a fact: many banks are unwilling to provide loans to those individuals who have credit scores that fall below a particular threshold. Even old debts that are many years old can significantly damage your credit.

However, some dealerships, like us at Financing for Everyone, can offer car loans with bad credit. Rebuilding your credit can be done relatively easy assuming you have a good plan in place and a little patience. We partner with a variety of financing banks that are more flexible than what you will typically find working with other dealers.

We want to give you the fresh start that you deserve! We have been in this business over 20 years and we know that NO two situations are alike, whether it be BANKRUPTCY, DIVORCE or SEPARATION, or maybe you’re self-employed and hard to prove your income. We can help! You can still own a car AND build or fix your credit!

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